TenX has a fairly simple value prop: they believe you should be able to spend your crypto finances in any location. So they’ve created an IOS, Android, and Web app that allows you to pay with / transfer funds in just a few clicks — a super easy way to spend your money.

Storj — Distributed cloud storage

Stroj is a blockchain based, distributed cloud storage system that is end to end encrypted. Using peer to peer technology, you can distribute the weight of your storage, but still maintain 99.999% availability of your data (securely). Distributed infrastructures can be super efficient, this is an interesting application of it!


Spectro promises lots of cool things; one being a bitcoin debit card that you can use at “30+ million ATMs” and “25+ million shops worldwide.” They pair this with their suite of software and apps that allow you to securely access the finances and data you need, wherever you are.


Javvy’s mission is bold: replace all web-based crypto exchanges and wallets, by delivering a comprehensive, all in one solution to buy, sell, convert, use, and manage all major cryptocurrencies within a secure wallet. Keep it secret; keep it safe.


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