FXGate is All Set to Participate in The Forex Expo Dubai 2019 – The Largest Forex Expo in MENA

    DUBAI, UAE, October 01, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- FXGate Ltd is one of the new but rapidly growing forex brokers operating through multiple locations worldwide including; Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Labuan – Malaysia, Dubai – United Arab Emirates, London – UK, Cairo – Egypt, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The company was launched with a vision to provide unparalleled services to its esteemed customers across the globe. In relation to the main objective the company is planning to participate in many of the upcoming events related to Forex industry. The Forex Expo Dubai 2019 is the largest Forex Expo in MENA region and we are proud to announce that we'll be participating in this event. The company will offer special packages during the event. Client's will be able to claim their Free account upgrades to experience many of our high-end services especially designed for the seasoned traders.

With more than 70 currency pairs, precious metals and energies available at your fingertips so that you can trade as per your instinct, need or desire with the peace of mind and confidence. All you need to do is to sign-up through the especially designed The Forex Expo landing page here: https://www.fxgate.com/DubaiForexExpo2019/

At FXGate, we value the principle of transparency and fairness. We look forward to welcome you with the upgraded packages and limitless trading opportunities at your fingertips, that too with 100% security of your funds. Trade with confidence and benefit from our Client Fund Insurance which provide our clients the coverage from $25,000 up to $1,000,000. Client fund protection is provided by Lloyds Insurance of London, UK.

FXGate Ltd is regulated and authorized to do forex brokerage activities by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) license number MB/19/0031, Malaysia. The company has money broking license, which authorize to deal with securities and to provide all kind of financial services to customers.

If you are new to currency trading, a great way to get started is to open the FXGate's Demo Account. This practice account offers access to all the advanced features in order to assist new traders on how the Forex market works and to provide them with the chance to perfect their trading strategy & improve their skill sets before proceeding with the live trading account.

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Singapore-Based ecxx.com and Merkle Science Partner to Strengthen Compliance via Digital Assets Monitoring

Singapore, Singapore, September 25, 2019 --(PR.com)-- ecxx.com, a leading digital asset exchange in Singapore announces a partnership with fellow deep-tech startup based out of Singapore, Merkle Science to enhance on-chain transaction monitoring.

With this partnership, the AI-enabled risk-monitoring system enables detection and trigger of any unusual patterns that might be suspicious for funds received through Bitcoin and Ethereum. Traditionally, money movement through the bank system is easily tracked since there is a well-established system of identification and audit trail. In the blockchain space, most blockchain addresses are not easily linked to individuals or groups, thus making it extremely difficult to track currencies used for nefarious activities.

This is also timely as the new guidelines set out by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) require virtual asset service providers (VASPs), such as cryptocurrency exchanges, to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulations.

“As a digital asset exchange, we are serious about AML/CFT regulations so this is a natural step for us. We believe that the only way for the industry to grow is to ensure we all play our part in minimising AML risk and real-time due diligence on cryptocurrency transactions will go a long way in ensuring this. The partnership with Merkle Science will enhance our compliance in preparation for upcoming regulations as well,” said Branson Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of ecxx.com.

Mriganka Pattnaik, Co-Founder and CEO, Merkle Science said, “With increasing regulations and scrutiny in the cryptocurrency space, monitoring AML/CFT risks on the blockchain is integral to promoting trust and collaboration between banks, regulators and cryptocurrency exchanges.”

In an effort to combat money laundering and terrorism financing, ecxx.com had also recently hosted a “Blockchain for Business” event with Merkle Science for the wider public to educate them on the risks of being victims of criminal activities in the cryptocurrency space and how they can protect themselves.

Branson added, “Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about blockchain and have been organising monthly meetups for those who want to learn real-world use cases and embrace the technology for business transformation. We will continue to push for a digital finance future with more innovative solutions and industry collaborations.”

About ecxx.com
ecxx.com is a digital asset exchange platform designed for both professional traders and retail investors. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and store digital assets. By running on its own in-house proprietary system, ecxx.com is able to run a perfect ecosystem with high-liquidity.

With its vision to be the World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange, the group aims to deliver trustable and secured digital asset trading services. ecxx.com ensures discretion by protecting client assets with a world-class multi-layer security system.

For more information, please visit: https://www.ecxx.com

About Merkle Science
Merkle Science works with law enforcement agencies and blockchain companies to provide a risk-monitoring solution to detect and prevent the illegal use of digital assets. The company combines both off-chain and on-chain data with the goal to provide for better analysis, and said to be the one of the first players to apply fraud sciences to analyse blockchain data.

They also previously announced a S$1.1 million (US$804,000) seed funding round led by LuneX Ventures and SGInnovate. Digital Currency Group, Kenetic, and Entrepreneur First also participated in the funding round.

For more information, please visit: https://merklescience.com.

Blockchain, One of the Most Disruptive Technologies in Decades, is a Game-changer

"They have an excellent team and have delivered outstanding results."

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 12, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- You've probably heard about Blockchain, the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin. It has been hailed as one of the most disruptive technologies in decades because it eliminates the dangers that come with data being kept in a central location by a single owner. Today, a new company, TheBlockBox, has been launched that offers blockchain design and development so that companies in a wide range of industries can take advantage of this game-changing technology.

TheBlockBox is the first U.S.-based company that focuses solely on blockchain product design and development. They build end-to-end blockchain applications for a wide range of industries that need more secure and streamlined transactions, including finance, banking, AI, IoT, supply chain, healthcare, gaming, transportation, digital identity, and advertising.

Leveraging blockchain technology is becoming increasingly important. According to industry analyst Gartner, "Blockchain promises to reshape industries by enabling trust, providing transparency and reducing friction across business ecosystems, potentially lowering costs, reducing transaction settlement times and improving cash flow…the significant potential for disruption means you should probably begin evaluating blockchain."*

The founder of TheBlockBox is computer scientist and technology subject-matter expert, Nena Vuckovic. Her tenure at Apple and Cisco, as well as her status as a Stanford-certified advanced project manager has prepared her for this new venture. "I love emerging technologies and knew I could make a difference outside of the traditional corporate environment, so last year I built a team of experienced blockchain developers, distributed computing engineers, cybersecurity and industry specialists with the goal of bringing the best blockchain services and solutions to our clients."

TheBlockBox has already developed applications ranging from financial platforms and decentralized exchanges and cryptographically secured data records, to smart contracts. They have also delivered the types of applications blockchain is best known for such as security tokens and crypto wallets.

They developed an end-to-end blockchain based solution powered by an intuitive user interface for 9th Gear Technologies, a B2B institutional marketplace that enables same day foreign exchanged transactions. "Our teams worked seamlessly to translate business requirements into our solution," said Maryanne Morrow, Founder and CEO of 9th Gear Technologies. "The agile development process was quite effective in iterating a highly complex solution with minimal defects or rework."

For Bitcoin and Ethereum mining services provider CryptoRock, TheBlockBox designed and developed monitoring dashboards with analytics, automation scripts that optimize and select best performing PoW on several blockchain platforms, and single and multi-sig wallets. According to Founder and CEO Vladeta Marjanovic, "We have also used TheBlockBox for Information Security vulnerability testing of our network infrastructure, and smart contracts audit and code review. They have an excellent team and have delivered outstanding results."

Bixoon Limited also uses TheBlockBox technology for their solutions. "We have jointly built Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform with high level of privacy and transactions anonymity with funds accepted from third parties cold and cold wallets," said CEO Kwan Tang.

About TheBlockBox
TheBlockBox builds end-to-end blockchain applications for a wide range of industries, including finance, banking, AI, IoT, supply chain, healthcare, gaming, transportation, digital identity, and advertising. We help companies identify whether or not blockchain is the right technology for their idea or project and help them understand how to take full advantage of it.

We partner with our clients to define their blockchain strategy and pick the right blockchain platform such that it fits your needs. We then take their idea through a proof of concept/pilot phase, validate results, then develop and launch the product for the market.

For more information, visit: www.theblockbox.io

Interview Opportunity
To schedule an interview with Nena Vuckovic or the customers, contact Ellen Pensky at ellen@bumblebeemarketing.net or 925.699.7921

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Ovato Yellow Paper Published

By creating a suite of strategic partnerships covering all forms of digital commerce prevalent in today's centralized financial society.

    SINGAPORE, September 10, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Ovato digital currency (ovato.com) a peer to peer digital currency announced today that the protocol is now published and can also be viewed on both ovato.com and Github through the following links:



This marks the initial steps of having the coin listed on the secondary markets and exchanges. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the company's telegram account for continuing updates at the following link:


Additionally Ovato is creating an ecosystem for the currency. By creating a suite of strategic partnerships covering all forms of digital commerce prevalent in today's centralized financial society.

About Ovato, Pte. Ltd.

Ovato (ovato.com) a digital currency providing users a better way to exchange value in low fee micro transactions, large business transactions and permissionless spending on the blockchain. Based in Singapore, Ovato is managed and operated from the architects and engineers at Ovato, Pte. Ltd. Ovato is building a digital currency that will enable users to transact in seconds and be confirmed in minutes. A reliable network that will run without congestion allowing users to send globally in seconds for virtually pennies. It's simple and easy to use, providing a stable payment system to store value using secure blockchain technology.

Ovato has facilitated the partnering of the Ovato coin and a suite of strategic distribution partners to ensure the mass adoption of the coin.
• Rewards and Rebates (bitovation.com Launching Oct 15th)
• Social Influencing (announcing soon)
• Travel Club (govato.io Launching Oct 20th)
• Gaming (coming soon)
• Auction (coming soon)

Ovato coin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Ovato Coin is an open source, fully decentralized global payment network. Mathematics secure the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances. Ovato Coin features faster transaction confirmation times anf improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency. With substantial industry support, trade volume, and liquidity, Ovato coin is a proven medium of commerce complementary to Bitcoin.

Contact Information

Online: www.ovato.com
Facebook A: https://www.facebook.com/OvatoCoin
Facebook B: https://bit.ly/2lIIW6o
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OvatoCoin
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ovatorewards
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVxylQ08a9l54G2uRqZTdHA

Technical: architect@ovato.com
Partnerships: business@ovato.com

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SendCard Uses Blockchain to Send Greetings

Three blockchain enthusiasts created the website for sending greeting cards, that are stored in blockchain networks. It all started a year ago when one of them was getting married. There is a crowdfunding campaign for the website for everyone to send greeting cards stored for eternity in blockchain. The extra sauce is that the content of the card as well as the card is stored forever, which is guaranteed not by the SendCard, but by the independent technology.

Wroclaw, Poland, September 09, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Three blockchain enthusiasts created the website for sending greeting cards, that are stored in blockchain networks. It all started a year ago when one of them was getting married.

There is a crowdfunding campaign for the website for everyone to send greeting cards stored for eternity in blockchain. The origin of the project is a wedding story.

Mathew Kus, one of the founders, was getting married and his friends were looking for the gift that will be anything but usual. They decided for the electronic wedding wishes saved in blockchain. Sending wishes into the network required development skills and was possible thanks to one of the friends - Bartosz. Receiving the wishes also required IT knowledge, but they knew that Mathew, being a blockchain enthusiast, will manage. The gift was such a thrill that Agnieszka, the last founder, suggested it should be available for everyone, not just IT specialists. That is how the three of them got the idea to create the SendCard project.

SendCard.io is a website where everyone can send an electronic postcard adding personal wishes for categories like birthday, wedding, newborn and love. The extra sauce is that the content of the card as well as the card is stored forever, which is guaranteed not by the SendCard, but by the independent technology.

Blockchain is a technology that excited the IT community over the last years. Its popularity is rocketing, due to the technology features:

- Durability - It is a paper and pen of digital era. Data written in blockchain is persistent and is kept for eternity.

- Availability - Data is accessible 24/7 in the blockchain network. There is no single point of failure. Additionally, information is automatically backed up on many computers (blockchain nodes), so data is safe.

- Transparency - When it runs as a public network, it is independent of any corporation or government.

Blockchain is also a base for cryptocurrencies. Among many implementations available, SendCard selected three, so-called public ones: IOTA, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Using three different blockchain networks for preventing the message from deletion or changes is not the only cards feature. All designs are tailor-made for the project and will not be available on any other sites. The website is fully responsive and available to anyone, no IT knowledge is required. What is more, the card creator includes suggested greetings suited for each occasion.

The card prices during the campaign are starting from $2, for Premium IOTA Card, going up to $499 for individually designed Bitcoin Card. There is time, until September 13, to get the cards with a price guarantee. After the campaign, the prices will be set according to each cryptocurrency rate.

"Blockchain is still new to many people and to spread the news not only to blockchain society but also among people who appreciate innovation we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign. That gives us another round of feedback and community validation," says Agnieszka.

Many independent teams use crowdfunding to take the first step to create extraordinary projects.

About SendCard
SendCard is a tech project focusing on making the world-changing blockchain technology available for everyday use. It is created by Mateusz Kus- Blockchain Lead, Agnieszka Holownia-Niedzielska- Business Development Manager and Bartosz Niedzielski- Tech Expert. The works regarding the SendCard website started in October 2018 and are at the final stage. After the campaign, the website will operate as a commercial service available worldwide.

The campaign direct link: www.igg.me/at/SendCard

SendCard is created by ProtectAuth team, that specializes in blockchain solutions: www.protectauth.com

EZswap.net Offers Cryptocurrency Traders What Other Platforms Have Denied Them – Anonymity

Developed by Innovative Solutions, the creators of successful mining application BetterHash, EZSwap.net was conceived to address critical complaints cryptocurrency investors voiced about the existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The resulting platform executes crypto exchanges that are anonymous, fast and inexpensive.

EZswap.net Offers Cryptocurrency Traders What Other Platforms Have Denied Them - Anonymity
Tallinn, Estonia, September 01, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Featuring advanced security, transparent transactions, and no account registration or permanent usernames, EZSwap.net is the first cryptocurrency exchange platform to truly play to the strengths of blockchain technology.

EZSwap.net stores no currency itself, reducing its vulnerability to hacks. Orders are processed through a secure, single-use escrow account that disappears once the transaction is complete. By offering a low minimum transaction amount and charging a fixed, flat transfer fee instead of a percentage, EZSwap.net makes larger transactions even more profitable to traders.

EZSwap.net offers crypto traders a simple, user-friendly interface for both desktop or mobile browsers. The home page displays all transactions in progress, whether buying or selling, in order of price. Most transactions are processed under the generic username “anonymous,” but the user can select a transaction-specific, one-time username to identify their own in-progress transaction on the homepage at a glance.

To initiate a trade, users use a prominently-placed dropdown menu to select a currency pair to exchange. Buttons then appear to specify a “Buy” order (a request for currency) or “Sell” order (an offer of currency). Both "Buy" and "Sell" orders follow a similar user journey following that selection. From the ensuing pop-up window, trades can be specified as a “Market Order” or “Limit Order.” Market orders transfer more quickly, processing as soon as coins reach the escrow account at market rates. Limit orders allow the user to set their own price. A “recommended price” is offered for limit orders that users can accept with one click.

Once the order type is specified, users are asked to enter the wallet into which the received coins are to be deposited. Other information may be requested depending on the currency, but this information is optional.

EZSwap.net then provides the user with an escrow wallet ID into which to transfer the currency. This is the user’s last step. The user can then track the transaction’s progress in real-time on a transaction status page. The status page can also be used to set a single-use username for the transaction or to change the exchange price on a limit order.

When the transaction is complete, a confirmation page breaks down how the transaction was split up and the price of each sub-exchange within the transaction. Speed of transfer depends on the currency. For example, ETH and XRP transfer faster than BTG or XMR.

Users also save money and increase the profitability of their anonymous trades with EZSwap.net. Rather than charging a percentage of the exchange, the platform charges a low, fixed flat fee. The fee does not scale with the size of the transaction, meaning the larger the trade, the greater the savings.

EZSwap.net is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Any issues with a cryptocurrency exchange can be referred to prompt, friendly live customer support.

Product page link: https://www.ezswap.net

HYPE Launches the World’s First Social Token + Economics (Tokenomics) Experiment

    GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA, August 08, 2019 - The HYPE Project has launched a social experiment to test the crowd's ability to collectively manage and control the inflation and deflation of a token.

Users are encouraged to participate in the experiment by acquiring HYPE tokens for free by joining their official airdrop and giveaway campaigns.

"We have created this experiment to test if a monetary inflation and deflation of an economy could be managed entirely by the people in a collective and decentralized manner," said Leon, Founder of the HYPE Project.

All HYPE token holders are eligible to vote for the token's inflation (staking rewards) and deflation (burning) rates by freezing HYPE tokens.

Voting consensus to determine the token's inflation and deflation rates are held monthly through an off-chain decentralized application (dApp).

HYPE Token is an ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain and its token contract has combined two popular tokenomics (token + economics) models – staking and burning – used by renowned blockchain token projects.

More information about the HYPE experiment and its airdrop campaigns can be found on its official website or on Twitter.

HYPE Token was created as a social tokenomics experiment to allow users to collectively control the inflation and deflation rates of a token. HYPE is the world's first decentralised and consensus-based inflationary + deflationary token.

Token Name: Hype
Token Symbol: HYPE
Decimals: 18
Initial Supply: 50,000,000 HYPE (50 million HYPE)
Maximum Supply: 100,000,000 HYPE (100 million HYPE)
Token Contract Address: 0x2630997aab62fa1030a8b975e1aa2dc573b18a13
Distribution: 100% Airdropped

DISCLAIMER: HYPE Token is an ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. It does not hold any intrinsic value nor should it be treated as a currency. HYPE is simply a mathematical tool to help users measure inflation and deflation numbers. By getting the tokens for free through airdrops, you agree to join the collective free-for-all and open-source experiment.

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Crossover Completes office AV Transformation Project for Global Crypto Company

    LONDON, ENGLAND, July 28, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The crypto currency related firm, which operates in over 140 countries throughout the globe, is fast becoming a major player in this exciting and fast-evolving virtual market. Plagued by issues with their existing city centre AV setup, Blockchain contacted Crossover with a view to enhancing the usability of its existing audiovisual services.

The firm's expert team of AV consultants uncovered a series of configuration and technical faults with the original setup that were underpinning the poor audio quality in Blockchain's event space, boardroom and meeting rooms. They then worked carefully to make a series of significant improvements to Blockchain's systems.

Notably, the engineers drew upon their extensive knowledge to recommend and install Class A absorption panels to encourage better vocal intelligibility and reduce excessive reverberation, which was affecting the quality of the team's video conferencing calls.

David Sacks, Director at Crossover, is delighted with the end result, as is the client.

"The contemporary trend of open ceilings in offices doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon." David says. "While this creates a desirable aesthetic, that amount of exposed concrete and metal often results in problematic room acoustics. Resolving this is so critical to productive workspaces, and it can often be as simple as finding the absorptive acoustic panels which the client thinks look great within the particular design aesthetic of the space in question.

"We always push to find a product that looks great in the space, meets the Class A levels of absorption, and are made from at least 50% recycled materials and are fully recyclable themselves; in the case of Blockchain – they're an eco-conscious company, so they appreciated that element too."

David goes on to say that comprehensive planning at the design stage of any audiovisual installation is key to ensuring the final setup meets the client's needs.

"This kind of project is showcases Crossover's holistic approach to integrating audio and AV systems: we look at every element of a space, not just fixing problems with software and hardware alone, and not trying to crow-bar pre-existing solutions into a new client's site. But perhaps most importantly of all, this kind of project also proves that businesses need to invest in quality audiovisual expertise from day one of the planning to move to a new site or refurbish an existing site." he says. "We cannot stress the importance of selecting the right AV provider during the concept phase to ensure the best possible outcomes, most integrated design, and lowest project costs."

For more information on the wide range of AV design, installation and consultancy offered by Crossover, please visit https://www.crossover-av.com.

Crossover is one of the UK's leading commercial audio and audiovisual systems integrators. We provide end-to-end AV solutions that include consultancy, design, installation, creative services, and on-going maintenance & support for all kinds of setup.

Based in Central London, our audiovisual specialists service the whole of the UK and beyond. We create robust, high quality environments that are technologically powerful, yet simple and welcoming to the end user. From pro-audio sound system installations for major auditoria, to immersive environments that make high-end retail spaces feel special. From simple boardroom videoconferencing setups, to a project that provides a multinational corporation with a tailored unified communications infrastructure, we create AV systems that empower every member of staff to communicate and collaborate effectively, in a wide range of ways.

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