VersaCoin™ is a Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrency that is designed to be secure, fast and ideal for wide spread adoption in both public and private eCommerce. VersaCoin™ incorporates unique features to insure blockchain integrity and eliminates feeble “work-arounds” to address capacity. Its 32MB blocks, confirming every two minutes, means that it offers one of the greatest transaction throughputs of any crypto available today. The world is changing and it demands a digital currency that is able to keep up.

With VersaCoin™, we introduce digital tools and education to enable us all to build a better world together. We will monetarily incentivize – with our technologies – behavior that strengthens communities and small businesses. This is the thing that’s missing in the online world today: Fiscal incentive for communal behavior built into the very fabric of its operations.

VCN is available for trading on P2PB2B exchange.

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